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Squidoo: Pimping Spammers and Scammers

Posted Sep 26 2009 10:20pm

squidooAnother friend of mine and I took a bit of a vacation last week to visit another friend. We’re all very like-minded in that we hate all of those sites that claim to have “cures” for Migraines. Whenever we get together, one of the things we do is surf the net. Another thing we’d done in the past and did again was visit Squidoo. We all have our own accounts, but since we were together, we took turns using the same computer.  One of my friends has created “lenses”  on Squidoo to share good Migraine info and tell people that there’s no cure yet. My other friend and I don’t really have the knowledge or talents to create lenses, so we sign on, read, and “rate” the lenses.

A couple of days later, all three of us received an email from Squidoo. It started out:

Yikes! We’ve noticed that you have done something that violates our Squidoo Terms of Service. .

Your entire account has been terminated and its lenses deleted.

The top 5+ reasons an account could get shut down can all be viewed here:

Specifically, your account was flagged for deletion because you employed malicious means or intent to fake people out on your lenses. Our records show that your account has engaged in a significant effort to manipulate star ratings, and therein the LensRank of various lenses.  This usually means creating multiple accounts to cross rate and boost your own lenses and/or lower the rank of others.

What the hell? Then it hit me. Because we’d all used the same computer, they ASSUMED that it was one person violating their rules about multiple accounts and manipulating the ratings.

Now, two of us — the two who haven’t created lenses — wouldn’t like having our accounts deleted, but we would HATE it if our using her computer caused our other friend to lose her account. The lenses she has created (over a period of a few years) are good ones, and they need to be there.

For all their bitching us out and deleting our accounts, Squidoo is an absolute mecca for spammers and scammers. Lenses touting things like The Migraine Relief Guide and The Migraine Solution abound! Now, come on! People don’t create lenses about those to help or enlighten anyone. They create them to SELL those products and MAKE MONEY!

I haven’t a clue what they’re really thinking or if they’re really thinking at all. They “lock” lenses and ask questions later, yet their site is overrun with spammer and scammers who are allowed to make multiple lenses about worthless products just to make money. See for yourself. Go to and search for lenses about Migraine or Migraines. The majority of the lenses that come up (And I’m not exaggerating, it really is the majority.) are selling worthless products and services.

Squidoo COULD be a good site. It could be if the people who run it would just think. Instead of doing things the easy way and locking the lenses and accounts of people who make the simple mistake of logging on from the same computer, they need to be looking at the CONTENT of the lenses THEY HOST. They make money from the ads on lenses, so really, they’re just pimping the scammers and spammers, making $$ from the crap they put on lense after lense.


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