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Rash Decision

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:25pm
Tomorrow I'm calling a dermatologist.

Today I was supposd to have my MRI. I woke up a bit rashy--not itchy thankfully--so I took the allergist's advice and took half a Singulair. Not surprisingly, I got sleepy. Every darn allergy med out there makes me loopy or sleepy, no matter what they say. So I crashed.

I woke up with not only a body covered in a horrid, mildly itchy rash, but a stomach ache so bad I wanted to puke and pass out. Well, I didn't puke, but you get the picture what happened, given my history of IBS. After my 3rd trip to my lovely orange bathroom, shaking with chills, and doubled over in pain I rescheduled my MRI. Stuck in a claustrophobic tube for 45 minutes with a body covered in a rash and needing a bathroom at any given moment? Idon'tthinkso. Also, I kept swallowing, and the back of my throat felt funny. A quick peek showed me that my throat was swollen in a weird, puffy way. Hello, benadryl, my old friend.

I think we can safely strike Singulair off my medication list. Thankfully it was a sample, and not a $35 co-pay down the toilet. Gads I hate being such a freakish allergic person. With spots.

When my tummy settled down, mercifully, I sent the kids out to play. SB gleefully announced "Enjoy the peace!" LOL

I have to add a joyful note--SB is learning to read, and doing well. I'm using the same books I taught DQ with, Reader Rabbit. He is so proud, and I'm glad I waited a bit, because he's SO ready at nearly 5 1/2, whereas DQ started before she was 5. My little guy is growing up :*)

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