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Question for Ron King of "Migraine Mastery" Blog

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:26pm

Ron King has a Google Blogspot blog entitled "Migraine Mastery."

I really like some of his articles, and I should because I wrote many of them! Here are a few of my articles that Mr. King has copied and pasted (either in full or in part) to his blog, without my permission and in violation of copyright law:

  • Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics
  • Hemiplegic Migraine - Genetic Testing May Be Helpful
  • Migraines Often Triggered By Chane In the Weather
  • Trileptal Fails Test for Migraine Prevention
  • Acephalgic or Silent Migraine - The Basics

He also copied and pasted Nancy Bonk's article Famous Migraineurs - Terrell Davis , in it's entirety.

Up to now, I've been polite and patient about this. I would like to have handled this privately with Mr. King. BUT, he does not provide a way to contact him from his blog; nor does he allow comments to be posted.

Google owns Blogspot, so I checked into their process for reporting copyright violations. It's so long and cumbersome that it makes me think they set it up that way deliberately so they don't have to deal with the issue.

It's perfectly acceptable and legal to copy and past a couple of paragraphs of an article you like to your blog and give your readers the URL for the article so they can read the rest. Mr. King does say "For more information, visit at the end of each of his entries where he's ripped me off, but he doesn't bother to link directly to my articles or even attribute the articles to me. Even if he did, that wouldn't excuse his ripping off entire articles.

So, Mr. King, here's my question -- Where do you get off stealing my content? I'd like an answer, AND, I'd like my content removed from your blog!

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