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Prayers for the Headacheslayer Family Please

Posted Sep 19 2011 10:49pm
Hello dear ones….I wish this came with less somber news but….after 19 years, GoalieMan's company laid him off today. No warning.

The good news: he’s found 3 positions in the company that he more than qualifies for and is applying for. He will be given a decent severance package otherwise. We will still have health insurance, even if it costs more.

I have every faith in my husband—he is an incredible man, father and employee. But obviously this is a shock and pretty scary, considering that Jediboy and I both have health issues. We know things will work out somehow.

What I’d like to ask you, my friends and family, is for your prayers, love and good thoughts—strength for hubby as he searches, and to keep me strong for him and the kids.

If you live near us and know of a job opening IN OUR AREA, please let me know—he’s a Computer Systems Analyst/Database Administrator/Software Engineer (yeah I don’t know what he does either lol). If you know someone looking for a babysitter in our area, my daughter JudoQueen can help out there.

I have my quilting and craft business, so passing along those links (below) to anyone is greatly appreciated. I’m also working on trying to find clients (particularly authors) to do online publicity for, as well as minor website work. Anything that I can do from home would be wonderful.

This page will link you to all my “shops” and things:

We’re not panicking (me, ok, just a little bit. Ok a lot.). We’re simply getting some gameplans in order. The important thing is WE ARE OK. We will be ok.

Thank you all for being here for me and letting me come to you. I am grateful because you are our greatest source of strength. Just writing this takes a huge load off my shoulders. Bless you!!
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