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Permanent Alternative Treatment for Migraines?

Posted Jan 26 2009 5:04pm

Well, here we go again. An inaccurate article written, I suspect, just to promote “cures” and other nonsense.

The blog is called “Migraine and Headache.” This particular entry is titled “ Migraine Headaches - Get Information on a Permanent Alternative Treatment ” by Jo Mark. The entry is chock-full of inaccurate and questionable information. Here are some examples:

She says:

Migraines are caused by the enlargement of blood vessels and the release of chemicals from nerve fibers that coil around these blood vessels. As your blood vessels enlarge, the nerves surrounding them stretch. This stretching action causes the nerves to release chemicals. These chemicals cause inflammation, pain, and further enlargement of the artery, which intensifies the pain.

Ah, the old vascular theory. It has now been shown that the enlargement of the blood vessels is NOT the cause of Migraine. It’s part of a chain reaction that occurs during a Migraine attack. Before the blood vessels enlarge, neurons in the brain start firing, and the blood vessels shrink for a very short period before enlarging. The cause is those neurons which, in the brains of Migraineurs, are overly sensitive, AND genes. Migraine is genetic.

She also says:

The first course of treatment for migraines are over-the-counter analgesics and pain relievers (like acetaminophen and ibuprofen among others).

Not many doctors would agree with that these days. Most of them think it’s better to use one of the prescription drugs that actually stop a Migraine instead of just covering the pain for a while.

The last paragraph says:

There is one alternative treatment for the permanent cure that is gaining popularity. For more information, get all the details on this Amazing Migraine Treatment.

Yes! I knew it. The whole, inaccurate article was leading up to a sales pitch. Of course, it’s not a very effective pitch since below the entry it says:

If you suffer from panic attacks, eliminate them with:
Panic Attack Cure.

Oh, and there’s no link to this “Panic Attack Cure,” which is probably good because I can’t imagine it being worth much.


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