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Olympics, Judo, and Tropical Storms, Oh my!

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:37pm
A HUGE round of applause for Ronda Rousey, the first American woman to win a medal (bronze) in Judo! While women won in demonstration matches in 1988, Women's Judo didn't become an official Olympic sport until 1992. JQ is even more inspired to compete in the Olympics someday. Thank you Ronda!! You know how moms just *know* things? JQ is going to make it. It's this calm feeling of certainty I have. She's talked about the Olympics before (at age 3--gymnastics-- and later at age 5--swimming). We and her sensei are going to do everything we can to help her achieve her dream.

Tomorrow, Judo Queen will compete in her 6th competition. Road Trip! We have to be on the road at an ungodly hour, but it will be worth it. She's fired up, painting her toenails her signature hot pink for good luck ROFL

School starts Monday, and guess what? Tropical Storm Fay may make her appearance in Florida on Tuesday. You can hear JQ's cheers from here, can't you? She's already on the "180 days until I'm a 9th grader" mantra ::snicker:: JB can't wait for school though (me either). But he was happy to go see "Clone Wars" today, even wore his Jedi costume LOL. So we're keeping an eye on the forecast to see where the storm is headed. I'll update more on my Hurricane Watch blog.
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