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oh, W...

Posted Aug 06 2008 12:12pm
So this article has MN all riled up, because once again, Bush is messing with contraception issues. I've been following this issue as it plays out into absurdity for a while and all I can do is shake my head. Well, allow me to rephrase: my head is shaking because my entire body is SHAKING WITH RAGE. To allow a pharmacist, clinic worker, etc. to refuse to dispense oral contraception, PLan B, and the like is not, theoretically, something I am against. MN doesn't force her ideologies onto others. However, this legislation would be! I use my local Duane Reade as an example: imagine waiting in the infuriatingly long line that snakes back through the aisles, as German tourists jump in front of you not understanding there is one line and that you can purchase your water, candybars, American magazines, and Band-Aids at ANY register but can only pick up prescriptions at THIS one, waiting as the poor clerk who doesn't speak much English tries to find your order...and then find out that due to the personal beliefs of the pharmacist on duty that your order will not be filled. And the next pharmacist isn't on duty until tomorrow morning. Now, maybe I am overreacting, maybe there will be back-ups in place. But in my experience with these things...well, let's just say I'm not out of order in expecting the worst.

So, frustration abounds. And I am lucky in that I haven't ever needed an emergency contraceptive like Plan B. But the thing is: my main reason for using the pill is to regulate my hormones so I am not writhing in pain 4 days a month OR getting the additional migraines. Being a girl is FUN! Of course, MN reaps the extra benefit and worries less about her slutty lifestyle (just kidding, mom), but about those people who really NEED these drugs?
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