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ocular migraine

Posted by cherry

 I have lived with Migraine for 30years, and for Aprox 15 of those years i have had Ocular Migraine,  i have been on untold amounts of medications!! and most recent have had All my pain killers Stopped and yet more new meds introduced.....New meds are-Lodine SR tablets 600mg, & Dosulepin 25mg (as a preventer)along with Maxalt Melt for emergancy.   I was on Codiene for pain for 5years and! and now just regular paracietamol !!!! which is of no use what so ever, the moment i am in constant pain with regular vision disturbance,  please, please is there any New meds on the horizen?? and what if any is the most used and most sucsessful  treatment. I no everyone is different, and what works for one whont work for another, but i am on my knees and cant cope with this pain much longer,    any advise will be most welcome    thanks and sorry about my poor spelling and grammer.    cherry



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Cherry, Have your doctor's tried Topamax as a daily preventitive? It is typically used for seizures, but works well to keep away migraines as a side effect. My migraines are genetic, and when I get a break through it can last up to 5 weeks, but typically the Topamax is all I need, with an occasional injection of Immitrex. Nothing touches the nystagmus once it hits, but as I am at home recovering from breast cancer, I have the luxury of not worrying about a job right now.

Best of Luck to you!


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