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Occipital Nerve Stimulator Implant

Posted by Valerie A. Facebook

I have a Medtronics Stimulator, I have had nightmares with it for over a year. My other symptoms have gotten worse, as far as headaches, neck pain, chronic fatigue, you name it.  I feel as though my life is lost.  I also have Chiari 1 Malformation.  I have met with the Rep from Medtronics, I have no insurance, I break out from the Stimulator, my hair is falling out,  I am at wits end. I am in pain almost every single day. Any information would be extremely appreciated.  I did call Medtronics and they told me my Stimulator was implanted in my back and the wires ran to my spine. I even got laughed at when I explained to Medtronics my battery was under my left collar bone, the wired run up my neck and across the entire back of the base of my skull.


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