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Numbness pressure and sleeplessness.

Posted by jviv

Hello Sir/Madam

I am in need of answers as i have now been to three doctors and now i am going to go to an ent specialist my problems started about the end of october when i was lifting weights at the gym later that night i felt a big lump in my throat and ever since then i have been having problems my teeth goes numb my ears are clogged and the worst part my nose seems constanly numb i cant breathe properly and my head is in a knot no its not allergies and i am on anti which is not helping I can't smell anything, and my nose gets clogged up and stuffy at night. Nothing helps, please help me, WHATS WRONG WITH ME?! :o

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Wow, you have been through a lot. It must be very frustrating and discouraging because 3 doctors can't figure it out. I have been in your shoes meaning I had some crazy symptoms that 3 doctors couldn't figure out. Finally I found someone. Keep pursuing the truth; someone will figure it out. I am not a doctor, but it sounds like nerves are involved. Be patient.

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