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Numbness on Left Side of Face and Left Forearm and hand

Posted by barbara4elvis

good Afternoon,

My 26 year old daughter, (not over weight or any significant health problems) was admitted yesterday due to numbness in her left forearm, left hand, and the left side of her face.  Her heart was monitored during the night, along with her being on oxygen since being admitted.  The CT scan and blood work showed nothing.  She has undergone an ultrasound of her neck and chest and MRI today.  No results yet.  She does have hypothyroidism and problems with migraines.  She is medicated for her thyroid, takes medication daily for migraines, in addition to medication when she gets a migraine.  Also, she has been on birth control since age 16.  She has been on the nuvoring (spelling?) for approximately 3 years now.  Any information as to what this could possibly be is most appreciated.  I am very worried and concerned for my young daughter.  She is a petite woman of not quite 5 feet tall.  She was diagnosed with her thyroid problem in 2001 and started showing symptoms in 1999.

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