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Now with even more JUDO POWER!

Posted Mar 22 2009 3:37pm
Yesterday was not only Judo Queen's birthday, but a judo tournament as well.

Excuse me while I sew back on a few buttons.....BOTH of the kids placed :)

JediBoy (3rd tournament) won 4 straight matches with hold-downs and is now a Gold Medalist :*) I was soooooo happy for him and so proud. He's been doing so well in class, but gets stuck with one move in tournaments--but not this time. He was my fierce little tiger :)

JudoQueen had a stressful day, as they LOST HER REGISTRATION (2nd time) so they had to scramble after she'd been waiting for at least 4 hours to fight. Thankfully her Sensei was there to bite off heads, and Boyfriend was there to keep her calm. She was also dealing with a pulled calf muscle but beat a blue belt (2 ranks ahead) to come in with a Silver Medal. As for her loss, she readily admitted she made a mistake. But all that waiting wears on her drive. Still, she was complimented by a highly-respected Rokodan (6th degree Black Belt) who told her that she was going to go far in Judo :)

While JQ was getting her medal, JB told my parents "For once, I beat her" AWWWWWW and I know this was huge for him. JQ is "the golden girl" when it comes to almost everything, so it was nice for him to come out ahead, because goodness knows he tries so hard.

JQ's Boyfriend didn't place (his 1st tournament) but was proud of JQ. It was awfully cute to see them together, and I got to talk a bit with BF's mom--they think as highly of JQ as we do BF. To quote "Sleepless in Seattle" they are MFEO ;)
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