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Non-tourist lane, please

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:55pm
OK, OK, I know that everyone bitches about this: but COME ON, NYC tourists! Please remember that some of us live here, or at least work here. And we don't have all frakkin day to wait for you to get your fanny packs and Hershey store bag-toting asses together and figure out which way is north, let alone whether you're going to Toys R Us or the MTV Store first. Me? I just want to get back to this office with my damn salad. So when I am speed-walking at mach 5 in that lane outside the sidewalk, yeah - the one where there's always horse shit - STAY THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY! That's the non-tourist lane! Yeah, you go back to the sidewalk, because I think that nice young man over there wants to know if you like comedy. Thank you.
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