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My 25 yr old girl has sudden severe headache nausea light headed low red blood count relieved by Rx meds & muscle relaxers.

Posted by ktlinn

Worsens when lying flat.  Says pressure “feels like it comes from the neck and feels as though her brain is going to explode.  It has been 3 weeks, returns when stops meds.  Very happy, healthy and very tough athlete past 5 years living in Arizona (I am in California) and therefore hasn't established a regular doctor.  Found MD on internet, did CT (no contrast) showed nothing, gave meds to relieve pain, ordered blood panel (including Lyme test which came back inconclusive).  Show's moderately low red blood cell count.  She tried going off medicine but immediately the headache came back.  MD says she should see a specialist but didn’t refer her to anyone.  All the calls I’ve made, 2-3 month waiting list for internist or neurologist.


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