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Migraines, Coles and His Attacks

Posted Nov 26 2008 12:30pm

migrainetruth21 I realize that on the 21st, I said I wasn’t going to write my Part II about Glenn Stewart Coles. But after reading an exchange between Coles and a Migraineur about his comments about Migraine blogger Megan Oltman, I’ve changed my mind.

To Leloo Minai, Coles said in the comments section of his blog:

Yes, I recognize that my approach has created barriers rather than broadening perspectives. Leeloo, thank you for your wisdom and comments. I shall try harder.

I will also publicly state that I recognize both Teri Roberts and Megan Oltman as compassionate educated people who make great efforts to help those with migraines deal with a difficult condition…

Sounds good, does it not? At first blush, yes; but when you read more you’ll spot some problems if you’ve read much of what he’s written on his blog and in comments on other blogs.

You see, this is not the first time Coles has apologized or promised to try harder. I don’t know how you view an apology, but to me, an apology carries with it an implicit statement that the person will not repeat the offending behavior. If you continue reading his reply to Minai on his “Mind Games” blog post, you’ll see that he goes from “I shall try harder” right into another attack on Teri Robert, leading writer and patient advocate in the field of Migraines and headaches.

He says he knows that he doesn’t know it all. If that’s so, why does he feel qualified to attack others?

In October, Coles wrote a blog entry titled “ Fear and Deception.” In it, he quite viciously attacked both Teri Robert and Diana Lee (Diana writes the blog Somebody Heal Me.) Interestingly enough, although he spends an inordinate amount of time writing about her, Coles can’t even spell Robert’s name right. Her last name is Robert, not Roberts.

Now, I’ve done some research on Robert. In fact, I’ve followed her work for some time now. A Migraineur herself, with children and grandchildren with Migraines, Robert has been working full-time since about 2000 to help other Migraineurs. She GETS IT. She knows what it’s like to have Migraines that are so severe and frequent that you have no life. Unlike Coles, who simply sits back and criticizes others, Robert attends medical conferences on a regular basis and works to stay current on the research in the field.

Coles has accused Robert of trying to scare people into taking medications. The truth is, in fact, the opposite of that. While the news media indulge in sensationalistic headlines about stroke risk, cardiovascular disease risk, and so on, Robert tells her readers that such things are ot reason for panic.

In an August article, “Gene Linked to Migraine and Increased Stroke Risk, Robert offers this near the end:

Summary and comments:
As with other studies that have shown a correlation between Migraine and stroke, this one gives reason for thought and caution, but not panic. If you have Migraine with aura, speak with your doctor about how you can reduce stroke risk factors. Work with your doctor toward the best Migraine treatment regimen for you. Develop nutrition and exercise lifestyle habits that will benefit your overall state of health. And, keep learning. The more we know about our health and issues such as Migraine disease, the more we can do to reduce our risks.

Maybe Coles would say that she shouldn’t have written about the study at all. That would fit his pattern. However, as a Migraineur, I was thankful for her article. I’d read the news stories and they WERE frightening. Many readers count on Robert to explain such research in terms that we can understand and to put them in perspective for us. And she delivers. Every time.

So, Mr. Coles, if you “recognize that my approach has created barriers rather than broadening perspectives,” why do you repeat the offending behavior? Oh, and before you decide to attack me, Mr. Coles, know that I really don’t care what you say or think about me. And, no, I probably will not publish any comments you attempt to post here. You’ve proven that you can’t be believed.


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