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migraine lasting 3 weeks

Posted Feb 03 2009 3:08am 2 Comments

for the past month,my 16 yr old daughter has suffered from an exteme episode of continuous migraine; she hasn't been able to get out of bed.she has never had a migraine prior to this in her life. completly healthy, no physical problems prior, and contrary to the rest of the world; we have a great relationship and great homelife (former neouroligst said it is all stress  related and she is depressed; he refused to think othewise) This dr. tried all of the "standard" medications, steriods, triptans, rx that limits blood flow(?), and nothing worked. She just underwent a tlp (no fluid drawn after 7 punctures) after which we had to taker her to er to manage the pain (level ='s 1-10) she had a 10 until given large dose of morphine and other pain killers. has been in hospital 5 days w/o any improvement and she is being released today on "tylenol"; still has 8-9 pain. we are at our wits end (yes, we have a new neouroligst). the wait at la children's hospital is 3-4 months. any help managing pain for migraine and tlp will be appreciated 

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Hi I am a 20 year old girl who is also in the same situation as your daughter. I have been completly healthy up until two months ago, when I had my first migraine attack. My first migraine attack lasted about two weeks and I am currently on my second migraine attack and am on my third week. The doctors also told me that my migraines are likely related to stress, but i think not b/c I have eliminated anything stress related in my life out for the time being including work and school. I have also tried about four types of triptans and am on my second type of steroids and none of them seem to be working.

The only advice I can give is to possibly start seeking alternate routes such as seeing a chiropractor to relieve some of the pain or an acupunturist. I ust saw a chiroprator the other day and he seems to think that he can help me and I finally feel a sense of hope.

Hi, My migraines started at age 16 and when they first started they lasted 3 weeks as well.  I am now 30 and still deal with them.  I am currently dealing with issues from 1 migraine on christmas eve and here it is Jan. 10th and I have so much pain since the migraine.  I have no insurance so Im just having to take advil which of course doesnt work.  When my migraines first started I would miss weeks at a time of school.  It wasnt just pain either, my migraines came with dizziness, numbness, blindness and slurred speach.  Good luck to you and your daughter.  Make sure you do your research as well.  God Bless
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