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migraine headache with left leg tingling

Posted by jbfrfly

I am a 31-year-old female with a history of hormonal migraine headaches.  Recently I had a change in my migraines.  I used to be on Amerge for abortive therapy but am now on Relpax as it seemed the Amerge started to become ineffective.  My most recent migraine was a very sharp, constant, piercing pain that was left-sided with severe pain periorbitally, and I actually had tingling down the front of my left leg (thigh to ankle).  Generally when my migraines are that severe, I vomit, and this time I did not which I thought was strange.  The tingling down the front leg was definitely new.  I was also put on Lessina birth control pill, which is a very low-dose estrogen pill (generic of Alesse).  Any ideas, besides the birth control pill, as to why the severe change in nature of migraine?
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Thank you for your responses!  Take care! 


Any time you have a significant change in your migraine pattern, you should contact your doctor. The first place to look for a cause is medication side effects. Did the Relpax abort the migraine? The way you describe the pain as being piercing is different from a throbbing pain, which is more typical of migraine. The absence of nausea and vomiting may also indicate that this migraine is something new. Good luck and keep us posted.

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