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Migraine Gem of the Day - Vasodilation and Migraine

Posted Oct 18 2011 12:00am

MigGem166 For many years, Migraines were classified as "vascular headaches." It was thought that dilation of blood vessels in the brain was the first thing to happen in the brain when a Migraineur encountered a trigger.

Research has now shown that Migraines aren't vascular in origin; they're neurological. The first thing to happen when we encounter a trigger is a wave of neurons firing across the brain.

Is that vollowed by vasodilation? At one time, the answer to that question would have been, "Yes." No longer. Researchers have now observed, via imaging equipment, some Migraines occurring without vasodilation.

Last year, I attended a conference where Dr. Andrew Charles gave a presentation on this research. A key statement he made was, "Vasodilation may occur as part of the disorder, but is not required for Migraine pain."

You can read more about this in Vasodilation Not Necessary for Migraine .

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