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Migraine Cure in a Bottle Update

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:49pm

On November 2, I wrote A Migraine Cure in a Bottle - Complete with Video! As I told you, a young woman named Jessica was proclaiming that MonaVie had cured her Migraines.

It turns out that the web site referred to in the video belongs to Jessica and Daryl Woods, and I began getting daily emails from them trying to sell me MonaVie. After a few days of this, I replied to their email, pointing them to my blog post with their video and telling me to remove me from their mailing list. Daryl replied almost immediately saying,

Go **** yourself!

I’m sure you can fill the blank. How very eloquent and professional. Just the kind of person we’d all love to do business with. NOT! That kind of comment is generally the defense of a person lacking the intellect to say anything worthwhile.

I found the web site for the company that franchises the MonaVie distributorship that Jessica and Daryl have and filed a complaint. Someone I know who manages a Migraine web site that has been spammed by them multiple times also filed a complaint. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that neither of us received a reply.

Well, coincidence or not, that video is no longer avialable on YouTube. BUT, there are plenty of other Jessica videos there. Some, if I remember correctly, are the exact same video. Some send you to the same URL as the video that was taken down; some to another URL. My guess would be that they’re for the same product, but I have no way of knowing with certainty because they’re sites where you register to receive information.

Was that video taken down because of my little exchange with Daryl? I doubt it. But, for anyone who might be missing Jessica in all her drama and pathos, here are a couple of her others:

Enjoy her pretty, smiling face, but remember — There is NO cure for Migraines!


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