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left temple pain

Posted by paluna

I've been having a very sharp pain in the left temple only it comes and goes. It started a couple of weeks ago 1 or 2 times a day, now for 3 days it's been coming every 5-10 minutes. I read a thing on the internet about Giant cell arteritis that have the same symptoms but it says it normally attacks people in there mid 50's i'm only 36. Every day i do notice different symptoms foor example yesterday i had sporatic leg numbness and today i've also been noticing a sharp stabbing feeling in the center of the top of my head that happens right after the temple pain both of these sharp pains last  a few seconds at time. Has anyone heard of this or experienced this before?

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It is interesting that each answer suggested different ideas. I thought of cluster headaches. They are stabbing pain that can come as often as every 10-15 minutes and they only last a few seconds or minutes.

Therefore, because these symptoms could be any number of things, you should see a doctor.

this is the first time that I have heard someone ELSE having this, I have had this for years and I am 36 as well. The pain is sharp amd only last seconds, But so severe it leaves my temple numb for a perid of a hour or so and sore , Like I was punched.
I am experiencing the same thing since yesterday. It started in my right temple as a stabbing pain. Then I get it on top of my head and in the back of my head. It's not like a headache. It's a stabbing pain.

I have been treated for Temporal Arteritis,  TA,using daily dosage of Prednisone.  TA is basically an autoimmune disorder causing inflammation of the artery and a restriction of blood flow.  My symptoms included jaw muscle pains, and an unremitting headache in the right temple.  The first 20 mg pill of prednisone eliminated the headache within a few hours.  ESR is a test for TA (Sedimentation Rate).  The definitive test is a biopsy of the temporal artery, which will show if there is an accumulation of excessive white cells clogging the artery.

The most dangerous risk of untreated TA is blindness, caused by restriction in the blood supply to the optic nerve.  Once blinded, there is no cure.

If you have a highly elevated ESR, and all other causes of inflammationIt is imperative that you initiate Prednisone treatment immediately, and simultaneously schedule the biopsy.

 You should consult a Rheumatologist who specializes in autoimmune disorders.

I would recommend a visit to your physician. It could be an indicator that a stroke may be coming your way. A visit the sites of the Heart and Stroke associations would be helpful as well - get more information to tell your doctor when you go.

I worked with patients recovering from Strokes, the youngest was twenty-one, so if you are going by statistics - don't.

Do not go to a Chiropractor - they are not doctors; a good D.C. will send you to your M.D. Their physical manipulations are good for physical ailments, but at a time like this think again.

Mind you if you are one of thirty million U.S. Citizens without Health Care coverage, don't tell the insurance company before you sign up.

I have been having sharp pain in left temple for only one day, happened 5 times today, sharp pain only lasts for a few seconds....i have also been having pain in my calves for about a month now
I have the same symptoms & have for several months now and I'm only 31. However, I have never heard of Giant cell arteritis...I'll have to check it out.
Same symptoms here, for 5-10 years. After a positive MRI that showed a small bleed, and an angiogram, it was determined that I had a mini-stroke and probably have temporaral arteritis and vasculitis. (Temporaral biopsy is next, to get final confirmation.)  Every person is different and "normal" is a relative term. After developing a blur in my central vision along with a continued dull pain in my left temple and cheek, along with anxiety and other weird body pains, I finally insisted that this was not "just a headache."   I will share that caffeine and moderate alcohol seemed to be contributors if not the cause. PLEASE see your doctor, watch you blood lipids )fats) fats and your diet and get moderate excersize. I'm convinced that an earlier diagnosis would have prevented my stroke. It was a little one, but I;m told this means I'm at greater risk for a bad one than someone who has not had a "TIA". 50 year old, only slightly slightly over-weight female fyi
Not sure how old this thread is, but I also have the same exact headaches the OP mentioned. I started drinking tea a few weeks ago when it first started. I stopped cause it was the only thing different I could think of that I did. The pain went away. I started drinking tea again yesterday and the pain is back again today. :(
Hi this happened to me last week.This is different than yours though.Get a MRI.It  was my left temple.I had a MRI done last year for migrains.So I didn't have a MRI again.The pain was very severe .It was like a pick hitting my temple and it would last just a couple of seconds.Then after 30 or so seconds it would come back again.I thought it was either a blood vessel popping or a tumor.Went to doctor and told me it was Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) sydrome.Told prescribed ibuprofen 800mg 3 times a day..The pain went away.If you are getting these sharp pains get a MRI first it could me more serious
This is the first time I have heard of anyone else having these pains.  I truely thought I was alone.  It is a sharp stabbing pain that makes me stop what I am doing and winse. It stabs my left side under my rib cage at the same time. But I have had an MRI and found nothing. I have had these pains come and go since I was about 16 years old and I am 33 now.  No doctor can help with any explaination and I continue to ask. It makes me nervous that it could really hurt me.  If there is anyone who knows anything please e mail me Thank you.
I am almost 36, have anxiety and I am also experiencing some of these symptoms on my left side only such as;  head feels inflammed, pain in molar when chewing, tender left side of throat, calf muscle aches, left eye twitch, scalp tenderness, ringing in ear. None of the aches and pains are severe and they are all intermittant. Now hearing about TA has me scared.  I do have a lot of similar symptoms. Not sure what to do, but I am getting worn down feeling like this, has been going on a good month now. Any feedback email to    Thank you
i completly feel the same way as you. i myself have anxiety for 2yrs now and just started 3 weeks ago with these sharp stabbing pains both sides of my temples and sometimes feel like my face is really numb? it scares me so much that it throughs me into a complete anxiety attack. im not sure whats going on but i dont say much to anyone because they thik i worry to much. its taking all i have to try and feel normal but htese pains are true and real. ??? i would really like to know what it is?
Meg Facebook
Hi, I'm looking at just the basics of what you have explained here, but I suspect an MRI with full images of the brain to determine if there are any lesions consistent with Multiple Sclerosis.  All the other imaging tests will not pick this disease up & MRI with contrast of the brain is the best way to determine.  I wish you the best of luck in finding answers for a recovery. Meg
i have been haveing sharp stabbing pains in my left templefor years and i don' t know what causes them i also get waves in my eye anyone know what would cause this
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