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Posted Feb 19 2010 7:08pm
This is by no means comprehensive. It's just so you'll have an inkling of what I'm tweeting (@Headacheslayer) during tomorrow's tournament. If you haven't signed up to follow me before I leave, sorry, won't be able to do anything once we hit the road.

WHOJudoQueen, 14--my daughter Blue Belt
Jedioy--8, my son Orange Belt
Boyfriend--16, attached to JQ. Orange Belt

Judo: think Japanese version of Greco-Roman Wrestling. No punching, kicking or hitting. There are throws and pin-downs.

Joshi--Girl/student of Judo
Judoka--Boy/student of Judo (can be either gender

Throws--you have to throw an opponent in the right way for it to count, either as a partial point (Yuko, about 1/4 pt; Waza-ari, about 1/2 point) or a full point, Ippon. An Ippon ends the match.

Pin-downs--proper hold down for the age range (under 13, no chokes--YES you can get choked out but should have the sense to tap out before that happens). 25 seconds done properly is a win. Also to watch for, the arm bar, where you can have your arm dislocated, also wise to tap out.

IF at the end of regulation time (sometimes 2-3 min dep. on tourney) then there is overtime, highest score OR ippon wins.

A competitor may have as few as 2 to a dozen competitors. There are far fewer girls in Judo. Tournaments may be double-elimination or round robin. Competitors are arranged by age and weight if possible. Competitors may choose to not go up in ranges without penalty (but how much fun is it to win without fighting?)

Proper etiquette is bowing before entering the mat, bowing to the main ref, bowing to your opponent. Shaking hands after a match also in good form. Opponents should walk backwards to edge of mat to "bow out" before stepping off. This is a peeve of mine. So few clubs teach/enforce it. I love our sensei, he's old school.

Sensei--teacher and/or coach. Yeah there are a few like from Karate Kid. Not many thankfully. Our coach is BF's uncle (which is how they met, awww). Sensei is like a father/grandfather and I just love him to death. That has nothing to do with this FAQ. Just sayin. ;)

There are scoreboards, hand signs, all kinds of throws, and yours truly, one of the Psycho Judo Moms. Hub is filling in for the coach tomorrow but may work on his coaching credentials--some tournaments, you cannot be matside w/out them.

So that's about it. You'll probably endure some nervous tweeting when the waiting gets to me. Neurotic even. But I hope to get some videos, posted selectively for some people and you will get why I love watching my kids kick ass. Because they do it oh so well ;)

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