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It's a Small Cyber World

Posted Sep 11 2008 6:12pm
Amanda, you are too patient. Sorry my life got in the way of blogging this ;)

Years ago, back in my AOhelL days, I visited a lot of message boards. I seemed to click with one woman, who shared she was having a homebirth and lived in FL. I was tickled, since I'd had a homebirth (yes on purpose) and also lived in FL. We began emailing, and you could have knocked me over with a feather when she told me who her midwife was. That's right--the midwife who delivered Superboy.

Our lives were busy but we kept emailing, knowing we'd eventually try to meet, laughing at what a small world it was. But it got even better. When Amanda told me she'd been in symphony in high school, I told her my husband was in symphony in high school. At that point, GM got this look in his eye, like "Nahhh, it can't be."

So one night, we were IMing, and he said to ask her if her maiden name was XXX. I did, and she *freaked* (well as much as one can freak in IM). I could barely type while laughing and told her who my hubby was. They'd been in symphony together. And I'd even met her once or twice after getting married.

I can't tell you how honored I was when she asked me to be there the day her youngest son was born. It was just amazing to be there, with this woman who was putting on makeup in full labor (my jaw hit the floor, I was in awe). Seriously, the energy was incredible and it was a day I won't ever forget. Even when she only wanted the midwife and staff in during the birth, her mom and I huddled in the hallway. We both cried and embraced when we heard that beautiful baby announce his arrival. And Amanda, she just glowed as a new mother. It's because of that day that I've thought about becoming a doula when the kids are much older.

As busy moms with busy lives do, we drifted apart, checking on each other during the Hurricane Trio in '94. And then, several months ago, I came across a comment on a blog from someone named Amanda, and she had a blog. I was curious and clicked and read the whole blog. Holy Cow. What are the odds?

So here we are, presidents of each other's fan clubs, cheerleaders for each other when life throws tough things our ways. We made a date for the 7th Harry Potter book release, and behold!
Nice Magazine Racks, eh? ::snicker:
(Overheard on the loudspeaker: "Slytherin House needs to meet in the Christian Living section" ::snerk::)
Me taking a picture of Amanda taking a picture of THE CROWD. OMG it was packed.

Sucess! and yes I'm wearing a witches' hat. LOL

I'm blessed to have her as a friend, and grateful that Cyberspace drew us back together.

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