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If you wonder why I am so excited that I was given depth perception when I received my Irlen filter lenses:

Posted Apr 03 2010 12:00am

Now I see 3-dimensionally! When I read words I can read in phrases instead of only perceiving one word or part of a long word at a glance. I had no idea that it is normal to focus on whole phrases. I started learning photography in 1956 with an Argus C-3 35mm camera. I soon learned that if I adjusted my shutter speed to be slower I could use a smaller f-stop; this gave my photos depth. I felt odd using this feature because I felt I was manipulating what I saw. Without the camera I had to choose whether to focus on the flowers in the foreground or the scene in the background. With the camera I could show both clearly. I was 14. I did not learn what I had been missing until I was 56. At my testing with Ann Bonvallet, my Irlen diagnostician here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, when we arrived at the combination of filter tints that worked for me I suddenly discovered the detail of the growth on the other side of the Huron River. I knew that if there were a deer there I would see it. Before that it was a hazy image of weeds growing along the edge of the riverbank. I looked out her window and saw a bush with dimensions I had never perceived. Then the impact of this newfound ability hit me. I could look at a tree and clearly see all the foliage clearly. I wasn’t restricted to a small area of the branches anymore. This became incredible when I drove by trees showing their fall colors. I will never forget seeing that image so clearly for the first time. I realized why I had such difficulty hitting a baseball or shooting a basketball. I was suddenly more comfortable with parallel parking. I stopped tripping walking up steps.

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