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I need information about hemiplegic migraines

Posted by Elizabeth W. Facebook

My daughter is 21 yrs old and in good health, with no history of migraines. She is also 13 wks pregnant. No one in our family has a history of hemiplegic migraine, although my husband gets "regular" migraines every now and then. 6 days ago, my daughter woke up in the morning unable to use her right side. Her arm and leg were numb/tingling, her foot was turned in and she was dizzy and unable to walk. I thought she had had a stroke. We took her to the ER, where they did a CAT scan with contrast, an MRI without contrast and an echocardiogram. All tests were normal, no sign of bleeding in the brain. They decided, by process of elimination, that she had either a complicated migraine or a TIA. They kept her in the hospital for 3 days with no improvement. At that point, they decided that she belonged in a rehab center until she regained use of her limbs. She was there for 2 days, and was gradually getting some feeling and use back in her arm and leg. Then suddenly, she started feeling like her mind was "foggy", the numbness returned to her right side and then her left side became affected. In just a short time, she was paralyzed from the neck down on both sides. Her blood pressure spiked to 161/90 and the staff became concerned about preeclampsia. They took her back to the ER. Another CAT scan with contrast was performed. This 2nd scan showed no change from the 1st one; all was normal. Her blood pressure returned to normal. The doctor said that there was no new symptom, just an acceleration of her existing ones, so he sent her back to the rehab facility. She is now unable to use any of her limbs, has a Foley catheter because she can't get up to go to the bathroom, and can barely hold her head up because of the weakness in her neck. We sought a 2nd opinion from a different neurologist today. He oredered another MRI, this time to include her neck and upper spine. We won't have those results until tomorrow. He said, that in the absence of anything visible on this MRI, he may consider this to be conversion disorder. He said it isn't a migraine, because both sides are involved and that isn't the case with migraines. Any advice? Opinions? Similar experiences? Hope?
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