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I need help with trying to eliminate these Crazy headaches that aren't Migraines.....WHAT ARE THEY WHY DO THEY HAPPEN..

Posted by trbllace2002

Hi...I wake up every morning like clock work...I have been having severe headaches since I was a little girl..most people thought I was trying to get out of things, then school, then work...and this list goes on and on...I am now 43 years of age and I still am getting these same headaches...You might say I am use to them but sometimes I am so TIRED then I get one like I did this morning and I wanted to just die...I usually get them on one side of my head...I use an ice pack and even enhale water through my nose which helps a great deal...I have no strength during or after the episode,  I wake up stumble to the the kitchen grab the ice pack as I stumble to the bathroom where I sifle water through my nose for about a minute.  I then brush my teeth ignoring the pain or just moving through the pain..I drink 8-12 oz of VERY cold water and when I say ice pack I use the ones meant to keep food cold for several hours and I place it at the nape of my neck and the side of my head which feels like someone as taken and bored a hole through it using a sledge hammer and pick...that is the minimal pain I am describing...this morning I would muliply that by atleast 1000 I needed a full helmet of ice packs just to numb me through the pain...I dont know what the effects are of using these cold packs like this but I keep my sanity this a little girl I wanted to KILL someone I wake up angry and tried to explain how I felt and no one belived me...I was 6months free and have gone periods of no headaches but the period of no headaches is less than having them.  My boyfriend and I are stressed about this...He is trying to understand and does for the most part but I wake up he wakes up...this is every morning like clock work...lasting from about 30 mins to a couple of hours...
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