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I manipulated my neck 1.5 years ago and heard a cracking sound inside my skull. strokelike symptoms followed, persist. Fracture?

Posted by dizzyduey

  Every time I roll onto my left side now I hear the sound, and fluid rushes into my right nasopharynx, and a sensation of the back of the sinus opening creates strokelike symptoms.  (spatial issues, unsteadiness, nausea, numbness, TIA headaches,) The drainage is rapid and consistent, and leaves my right eye sunken and is followed by a headache consistent with low csf.  CSF leak studies have been unremarkable, (cisternography, beta2 transferrin), but lp pressure was a 5 after a drainage (7-15 normal range).  Could I have a fracture along suture lines?  I can make it leak by applying pressure to my mastoid/occipital area as well.  Can you point me to anyone versed in such injuries?  Thanks so much, it has stumped my dr's so far, and has left me functionally disabled.  Im not nuts.
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