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I'm Dreaming of a Bling Bling Christmas.....

Posted Dec 21 2010 4:18am
If ever there were a day I needed to fantasize about the holidays, it's today. I hurt. I had to get a blood draw. The starter on our only car was giving us fits today.

SO....I'm going all out for my Fantasy Santa Wish List. I know that He knows what I want most is a happy healthy family (and less pain would be real nice for me). So he knows I'm not being greedy here, just silly.

In no particular order, my gifts, please....

  1. Either Patient Of The Week on House MD or New Character. Must interact with all the male leads. ahem. Romantic scenes will be in my contract!
  2. Get to be in the next POTC film and be Johnny Depp's new bestest friend
  3. Have a giant ranch where we rescue all sorts of animals, retired circus animals included.
  4. Spend a year in France.
  5. Have a chauffeur to drive me around in my new Ferrari
  6. Rent out Nekker Island for a month or so. Maybe longer.
  7. Visit the same guy's African resort for another month or so.
  8. Custom built house with the works--movie theatre, bowling alley, game room, indoor swimming pool, room-sized jacuzzi, super giant bed with a room sized aquarium, grand piano, full get the picture.
  9. Buy an island.
  10. Stay in the Keys for a season.
  11. Go to every single Green Day concert anywhere on the planet for the rest of my life
  12. Have enough money to always give back to others in need
  13. Jet. Helicopter.
  14. Fly on the Space shuttle
  15. Have undersea house.
  16. be animated by Pixar, do my own voiceover
  17. take a cruise ship around the world
  18. have a personal chef
  19. pay someone to invent an actual holodeck. Dude.
  20. A full size, actually can fly, Millenium Falcome. Dude.
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