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I have Reocurring headaches up behind my eyes,Over salivation, Dizzy, lose of apitite,Hot Flashes and nerly passing out

Posted by Jenna83

I'm Genrally a Healthy Person I have Borderline Enemia and Asthma When I get the Very Sweaty Hot Flashes I Feel short of breath and think I will pass out so I go sit or lay down all of these things happen in the same time Peirod it starts out whith just a light Headache then gets worse then the Oversalivation starts Headache gets worse to the point that I want a pain reliver then I feel Hot and Dizzy just keeps getting worse progressivly till I feel Like I'm going to pass out others have said I look Pekied at this time. is this I migraine?? My mother suffers from them for days on end but I've never had one b4. I thought I  might be Pregnat do to Spotting between Peirods but the test said neg so not shure what else it cout be. I'm calling my Dr tomarrow but just would like anythoughts of what it could be
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Yes, it sounds like migraines. I have the same thing and went to the doctor several times before finding out it was something as simple as that.  I take excederin migraines(or however you spell it) and I was also prescribed this new needle-less shot for my leg.  Both help.
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