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I have been sick for 12 days. I have horrible migraines, red bumps on my tongue that burn, and am very tired.

Posted by funke1

It started with what i thought was a food allergy. I had consumed some sushi that contained crab which i am allergic to. Two hours after eating i was vomiting what seemed like pure acid and had bad diarrhea and a severe migraine. For the next four days i was very nauseous and had a stiff neck & migraines. The nausea went away but the migraines, stiff neck, low grade fever continued. Then on day 7 i started getting fevers of 102.4. On day 8 I went to the doctor. He thinks it was food poisioning that became an infection and spread through my body. What i thought was thrush the doc said it wasn't but was a result of the infection. I have been on Cipro for four days and just started Prednisone today. I feel no better besides the fever being gone. I still have severe migraines, stiff neck, a head cold now, and swollen lymph nodes, and extremely tired. I have no insurance but after 12 days of this i am wondering if i should go to the ER?? What is wrong with me? Is this something that takes time or do i need to seek help asap?

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