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I have been feeling tingling scalp, headache, feeling of something crawling under skin in my head, getting progressively

Posted by mountain girl

Over the past three months I have been getting a tingling feeling on my scalp, headaches, crawling feeling under skin on my head and often numbness on my face. This has progressively gotten worse and interfering in my everyday life. Any suggestions?
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The best suggestion anyone can offer you is... see your doctor. This could be any number of things, including allodynia - alone or as a symptom of Migraine, but nobody can diagnose you via the internet.

Please do the safe thing and see your doctor?

Good luck,

It sounds like a normal parasitic infestation.
how do that because someone i know has been having this problem and now she is extremely weak alll kind of test has been taken and everything is normal
I have been having the same sensation of something crawling under my scalp but it only appeared since I was diagnosed with a severe case of MRSA staph infection that was dangerously close to my brain. The sensation is also accompanied by a severe headache. Not sure if the two are related but it is very scary and annoying. I would like to have some answers myself but I am told that I am just anxious and it is not really happening but it is definitely happening.
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