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Hello Fall (or: Where did Summer Go?)

Posted Sep 25 2009 10:11pm
Though it's still blazing hot here in FL, the calendar says it's officially fall. Yeah RIGHT.
So many things have happened at Chez Headacheslayer, and you know what that means:

Blog Casserole.

Most importantly, I AM AN AUNT!!!! My nephew Pooh Bear was born on 9-9-09. I had to wait 3 whole days to see him, and it was pure Heaven:

My ovaries shriek "I WANT ANOTHER BABY" every day. That's the tough part. But he is such a sweet baby, and strong too--could pick his head up at 3 days old, and was very alert right after birth. I think he's a wise soul in that tiny body. And we were supposed to go see him this weekend, but I AM SICK. Wah. :(

My sister is an AMAZING MOTHER. She's always doted on the kids like crazy, but she has transformed into a mom in a blink of an eye. It's beautiful to behold!

I am going to spoil him like crazy. Still working on knitting a blanket, plus I'm going to make his Christmas Stocking, and buying BOOKS. I'll be Aunt Bookworm before you know it.

JediBoy and JudoQueen are over the moon to have a cousin. JB's no longer the baby in the family and he can't wait to buy PB his first lightsaber LOL. JQ definitely has some maternal instincts going on there, she looked so sweet holding him. And eventually, Uncle JudoMan got a turn too. He was content watching me get my baby fix.

Right before school began, I had the great pleasure in taking JudoQueen and Boyfriend to see GREENDAY!!!! OH MY GAWD it was the best concert I've seen in my life, hands down. I've never been to a concert like this, and until they come around again, I daresay I won't see another like it. Pyrotechnics, videos, lasers, holy cats. Billy Joe rocked the house for 2 1/2 hours. We were about 100 yards from the stage--I am officially The Coolest Mom Ever.

The camera Nazis wouldn't let me have my camera there, and we can't figure out how to get the pix off JQ's camera phone, but here are some shots from the parking lot of the GreenDay tour bus:

Here's my tshirt from * "Christian's Inferno"

Boyfriend gave me the nickname "Rockin Mom" but JQ said I should have kept with the song themes and put "Last of the American Girls". I LOVE how this shirt came out!

I cannot express the joy on their faces at the concert. It made me so happy to see them happy. They rocked on their feet the whole time, hugging each other during "Time of Your Life".

Speaking of young love (they've been dating for almost 8 months now), they are going to BF's Homecoming this weekend! Her first BIG date!!! My sister got her the dress (I told her prom was MINE lol). Her homecoming isn't for another month. The benefits of going to 2 different schools--one dress, 2 occasions, no one will know ;)

In the creative department, I'm waiting to start my La Vie En Rose Paris quilt. We're trying to move some things around so I'll have plenty of room to work on it. In the meantime I've been busy with Twitter and Facebook. BUT! Twitter has its privileges....I entered a contest sponsored by my phone company, Virgin Mobile, and won their brand new LG Rumor 2 phone! It's SO neat and shiny and I leared how to use a qwerty keyboard pretty quick ;)

I really love being on Twitter & Facebook. Catching up with old friends, making new ones, and all in the comfort of my bed when I'm feeling bad! There's a great community of people who have CFS, FMS and Migraines/headaches on Twitter. Ok, and yeah I love reading the celebrity tweets.

Mom Brag Time! Today was midterms for both kids. BOTH got straight A's! Now, for JQ, this is nothing new, though a great accomplishment given that this is her first year in HS, and an IB HS at that. But this is a first for JB (usually A/Bs) and he was so very happy: "I'm a smart boy!" Yes you are precious.
It's been a difficult week for him. With the horrific pollen levels, his allergies have been terrible, which means lots of coughing. In the past, as we did now, we've been giving him breathing treatments. Only last Friday, he experienced an anxiety attack from it at school. Heck, I had one dose of albuterol once and I had to take ativan afterwards. He's always been a bit hyper but never shaky until now.
I picked him up from school--he'd been crying for a few hours and he wanted to come home. I figured with the 3 day weekend, he'd be fine. We changed his meds. Tuesday he threw up after crying all morning. At this point, I was sick, so we thought that might be the case. Yesterday, JM made the call to keep him home, he was so exhausted (he's been having stomach pain for awhile too, so far diagnosed as being from post nasal drip).
This morning, he sobbed and threw up in the car before getting to school. Talk about how hard it is to practice tough love: JM cleaned him up and took him to school. I called the Guidance Counselor when he got back and had a great talk with her--his primary teacher came in during the call so we all got up to speed.
Basically the game plan was that he is not coming home, unless he has a fever. The teachers would help him work on calming himself, assigning him buddies (his 2 best friends) and we sent pictures of us (part of his distress he said, was that he missed us). The GC assured us they had other kids just like this and that everything would be ok.
By lunch he was FINE :*) and after his midterm report, he can't WAIT to go to school tomorrow!!! I thank God for his teachers and this very timely self-esteem boost. He has loved school, his teachers, his for him to be so fearful is just not like him at all. His last school, while teaching him well, they did nothing to nurture or appreciate him. His teachers here adore him, give him lots of positive reinforcement, and it shows on this report--he had ONE test in one class that wasn't 100%. WOW!
I think this Casserole is done....more tomorrow!
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