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headaches, sick to stomach, neck hurts, dizzy and blurred vision at times face tingling whats wrong with me?

Posted by Angela

Everyday I wake up with a headache, sick to stomach most days, pain in lower back and neck. Dizzy sometimes heart races for no reason, vision blurried at times.  Went had eyes check they are okay for my age. If I lay in bed my head really hurts bad so I have to get up when I wake up.
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I'm not a medical professional, just someone who suffers from some horrible headaches.

Have you had a medication change?  Especially something like birthcontrol pills or something like that?

A lot of these symptoms are the same as Migraine symptoms, but rarely do people have those every day.  I have Migraines, and I have a friend who is disabled because of them.

Have you had your blood pressure checked recently?

They recently found out that I have a spinal fluid leak and that is probably causing my Migraines and back pain.

I think you should find a really good neurologist and have this checked out.  I was sent to a neuroradiologist at Duke, that's who found out my low spinal fluid pressure.  (even though the test was normal, my doctor said everyone is different, so she addes some artificial CSF (cerebral spinal fluid) to see what would happen, and my headache, dizziness, and nausea went away.  if that hadn't worked she was going to give me a drug while I was there to test and see if reducing the pressure would help.

I'm sorry I can't say what is wrong with you.  But I think a neurologist is the best place to start looking.

Good luck!


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