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Headache Diary

Posted Jun 10 2009 6:46pm

Headache diary plays an important role in the management of headache patients.  Drs. McKenzie and Cutrer from the Mayo Clinic compare patient recall of migraine headache frequency and severity over 4 weeks prior to a return visit as reported in a questionnaire vs a daily diary.   Here are some of their findings “Many therapeutic decisions in the management of migraine patients are based on patient recall of response to treatment.  As consistent completion of a daily headache diary is problematic, we have assessed the reliability of patient recall in a 1-time questionnaire.  209 patients completed a questionnaire and also maintained a daily diary over the 4-week period. RESULTS: Headache frequency over the previous 4 weeks as reported in interval questionnaires (14.7) was not different from that documented in diaries (15.1), P = .056. However, reported average headache severity on a 0 to 3 scale as reported in the questionnaire (1.84) was worse than that documented in the diaries (1.63), P < .001. CONCLUSIONS: In the management of individual patients, the daily diary is still preferable when available. Aggregate assessment of headache frequency in groups of patients based on recall of the prior 4 weeks is equally as reliable as a diary. Headache severity reported in questionnaires tends to be greater than that documented in daily diaries and may be less reliable. “

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