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Don’t Write About Migraines If You Don’t Know About Them

Posted Feb 03 2009 12:09am

What’s with people anyway? Why don’t they write about what they know about or at least do some recent research?

My gripe today is with a blog called “ Skin Care ” and today’s blog entry “ What Do We Mean When We Talk About A Migraine Headache? ” Beyond the fact that “A” in the title shouldn’t be capitalized, the writer hasn’t really done much, if any, research. The material in this blog is old, old, old, much like the one I griped about yesterday.

I’ll keep today’s post shorter. Here are my problems with this blog entry…

Migraines are fairly common and affect about one in ten people in America, or over 28 million Americans.

It’s actualy 12% of Americans, not 10%. AND that 28 million figure is very old. If you use CURRENT statistics from the Census Bureau, the correct number is 36 million American Migraineurs.

There are in fact two types of migraine, the first of which is called ‘classical migraine’, which is characterized by an associated ‘aura’. Here the term ‘aura’ is used to refer to visual light effects which are experienced just before the start of a headache including things like flashing lights and bright light spots. In a few cases a complete loss of vision may be experienced for some minutes before the onset of the headache.

The second type of migraine is a migraine without the prior symptoms of an ‘aura’…

Okaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Classic and common Migraine are old terms. The current terms are Migraine with aura and Migraine without aura. Aura can have symptoms other than the visual symptoms. TWO types of Migraines? Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. Methinks this person doesn’t know about Basilar-Type, Hemiplegic, Retinal, and Abdominal Migraine?

I really think this person should stick to the topic of their blog - skin care. Then too, the blog doesn’t look like it’s really being written for information. It looks like it’s being written as a platform for advertising. But then, I could be mistaken.

Anyway, don’t waste your time on this blog.


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