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Die, Chiggers, DIE!

Posted Jul 09 2009 4:31pm 1 Comment
I need home remedies for chigger bites STAT!!!

The kids came home from my parents (who live on 7 acres) COVERED in chigger bites. I think my kids must be really sensitive because I never remember being bitten like this (and I lived there for 14 yrs). I know JediBoy is predisposed to skin issues, what with his history of eczema and current allergies. Easily, they each have at least 50 covering them. And they are miserable.

We're dosing them with benadryl, and so far have tried nail polish (which I've always heard as the remedy but after reading more, realize it's pretty useless aside from the alcohol in it); Vick's vapor rub, and Winter Badger Balm (like a natural Vick's). JB is looking worse because he just can't stop scratching. We're calling his allergist in the morning because I'm really afraid of him getting an infection (kids w/ eczema are more prone to staph infections--and though his eczema days are behind him, this could cause a flare at the very least).

I have a laundry list of things to try in the morning, everything from Listerine to pineapple juice. My poor babes will have to wear socks to Judo (open sores on feet plus sports, a HUGE no-no in my book).

It's just so hard to see them grumpy and not be able to fix it. You can bet we're stocking up on chigger prevention before their next visit!!
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Well, when my three boys, make that four including my husband, come home from the woods and start itching they get a bath with lye soap.  Then before bedtime I put vaseline on each and every bite.  It helps with the itching because the bite itches from air getting to it.  So by slathering on the vaseline it basically suffocates the itch and also the chigger that is probaly still buried inside as they tend to do for a couple days.  Usually when they wake up in the morning, it's much better.  I usually put the vaseline on anytime they say it's starting to bother them again.  Hope that helps!!  This is strictly a mom's remedy not a medical one!!
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