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did you ever hear of getting a headache from talking?

Posted by Bibs

Hi,  I had a headache every day for 7 years. They started out just when I got my period,   then when I turned 50,  it became every day.   When I talk they get worse and worse.  I had sinus surgery on Oct. 8,2009,  its called a septoplasty.  Now I have no headache as long as I don't speak.  It's still the same,   when I talk the headache comes back ,and the more I talk ,  the worse it gets.  My neurologist told me to become a monk!!!!!!!ha  ha  ha
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i have the same symtopms, i assosiated with dizziness & neck pain, upper back pain. the more i talk, the dizziness & headache increase. my chiropractor said maybe is a tmj or cervical problems. have you find any solutions?
I started to get them when Id played my penny whistle a lot.  Now I too get them when Im talking.  Guess Ill have to become a nun
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