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curing migraine headaches one head at a time

Posted Mar 04 2009 1:07am
Once again I have another patient who has tried every other doctor for her migraine headaches. I see cases like hers almost daily.  Some need nutritional restrictions and advices, and some need a few adjustments. I have cure enough of them that at times makes me want to be a Migraine Doctor only! Daily, severe, and debilitating migraine headaches and the last place that a lot of doctors look at is the structure of the neck.  To me it's a no brainer. If there is no pathology in the brain, and they've been tested for food allergies, and it all shows negative. The structure of the neck is extremely important specially up at the top vertebra where the brain and the rest of the spine (nervous system) comes together.  A handful of chiropractors can actually look at an x-ray of the cervical spine (neck) measure the abnormality. Those who are trained in corrective care can check the nervous system and it's flowing into and from the brain and spinal cord. If the nerves are being stretched more than normal than likely to have migraine headaches, general fatigue, insomnia, and a list of other things.
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