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Could polyps in ear parts cause head pressure and pain in forehead for 16 years?

Posted by Tami U. Facebook

I have chronic frontal head pressure pain for 16 yrs. Everyday it is the same routine.  I get up, the pain is low, the longer I am upright the higher the pressure pain builds. Chewing food relieves the pain while I am chewing only.  Being horizontal also relieves pain and pressure. I never wake while sleeping from pressure pain (I believe it goes completely away when I lay flat). I had 8 sinus surgeries for polyps in sinuses (Samters Syndrome/Triad/Widal Syndrome), tried all kinds of migraine meds, chiropractic adjustments,EFT, and so many natural things with no relief. I think either I have polyps in my ears, but am not sure if that would cause chronic pressure pain that I described or incorrect Cerebral spinal fluid in my head. My brain does not sag on the Mri so my neurologist ruled it out but why are my head pressure pain always consistant daily no matter which things I eat or where I am?  Why would chewing always relieve that pressure?  I've also received two accepting this as my life. I want to enjoy my life again. I cope with it but 16 years of feeling like I need to drill a hole in my forehead to relieve the pressure is so tempting...metaphorically speaking.. thank you for your time.
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