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Could my sudden onset of speech difficulty & headaches possibly come from a cervical discectomy I had recently?

Posted by CuddleArt

I chose the category of headaches because speech difficulty or strokes were not an option. Through a series of tests; 3 CT scans, two MRI's, an echocardiogram and lots of bloodwork, a stroke has been ruled out. Still waiting for lyme disease results from a lumbar puncture, but have had bloodwork that tested negative for lyme.
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I'm curious about your speech difficulty. I developed a stuttering problem 3 months after my cervical discectomy. Still not sure if it was the medications I was taking, increased stress of a botched surgery, or a combination of both. I stopped taking all medications for a week and it went away. Now I only take Gaba-pentan for the muscle problems which lead to the surgery. I had intense headaches before the surgery and still get them now. Massage, rest, ice, and hydration are the only things that help any. I believe dropping the drugs to occasional usage has made the biggest difference in stopping my sudden stuttering. Have you been taking a barrage of medications that you never had before?
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