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Complicated Migraines' and how they affect your body

Posted May 23 2010 8:09am

Since 2007 I was diagnosed with "Complicated Migrains".  These are very different from a Migrain as the symptoms are as follows:

1. Pain begins in back of head, moving down neck, and up into the facial


2. Numbess, and Tingling begin also a feeling of confusion, and sensitivity

    to light, sound, and texture of fabric touching your skin.

3.  Usually? The numbness is horrible.  As I have broken my foot trying to

     get up out of my chair, not knowing about my right leg being completely

     numb.  This is when I cracked 3 bones in my right foot.

  4.  Confusion, as in "almost the feeling of having a stroke", this is why

      you need to find a specialist in neurology whose focus is on migrains.

 5. Talk to your doctor if you experience floaters, one side of face is totally

    numb as you might be having small T.I.A.s.  I have T.I.A.s which are

    mini strokes.  I have to change neurologists now, because this Doctor

    seems to have problems with his social life.


It is better to have asked "Am I having a TIA?" than to have a stroke.



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