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Posted Mar 23 2013 4:49pm
I have not blogged in a long ass time, I know - I am thinking I am going to get back into it. Just not today - today is try like hell to get your taxes done day. Anyway, I just wanted anyone who may still happen by here to know that I was not ignoring your comments - I just saw them today! I am supposed to get an email notification when I get one and I have not been getting them because I had like 30 comments and no emails! So, I am very sorry if you commented and were waiting to see it here, they are all up now. I am very happy to hear about the person who went and got a blood patch after a LP all because she read my post here! That really ment a lot to me - well, it ment more that she went and got help and felt better! To this day I think that was the worst pain ever! I have a bunch of blog ideas, plus I may start a new one on make-up and skin care too - but that would require me to actually be alive, awake and alert enough to use the computer. We shall see. My Fibro has been so outta control that I can hardly funtion lately....and the past two weeks I have been Migraining every day because of the weather. Just a sucky month I guess. Well that's about it for now. My wrist is starting to hurt and I have not even done what I came on here to do yet. I hope you are all well and living as good as you can. I hope to 'see' you all soon. Much love! Eileen
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