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Colored Filter Overlays and Tinted Filter Lenses

Posted Dec 10 2008 12:33am

irlenlenses.jpegirlentints.jpeg There are 10 acetate filter overlay colors. Never seek lenses tinted the same color as your favorite overlay. They are never the same tint. Note: You will never see the tint color as you look through tinted lenses. Wearing tinted lenses or contacts is way better than just using a colored overlay for reading because with them all that you see can be enhanced. Irlen Syndrome can affect much more than your reading. Our son ended his headaches after he received his contacts and lenses. If you are planning to be screened for Irlen Syndrome you need CR39 plastic lenses with no coatings such as scratch coating or ultra-violet or anti-glare coatings. Your frame should not be small. It is best for it to reach the bottom of the eyebrows. The intent is to avoid allowing unfiltered light to reach the eyes. This is why tinted contacts can offer better protection since all light is filtered. If no prescription is needed lens blanks can be ordered from the Irlen Institute or your optometrist. You can send your empty frames in this case. When going in for the second testing to determine lens tint you will need a copy of your prescription inluding your “pupillary distance” that is not more than 1 year old. You will leave your glasses or frame with the diagnostician to be sent for tinting to be done. If sending corrective lenses you will send only the lenses. This can take 4 weeks. I paid extra for overnight shipping each way. The turn-around was then very fast. This is a personal decision. WARNING:Never seek out tinted lenses from an optician or optomitrist trying to match your overlay color. It is never the same! I recently found that the blue overlay was most helpful out of the 10 colors available, but that has nothing to do with the colors that composed my new tint; it was a combination of yellow, orange, and gray.

Irlen filter overlays can be ordered from

To clean an overlay use a soft, clean cloth, no glass or window cleaner. Overlays can scratch and colors can rub off. It eventaully may be necessary to replace the overlay(s).

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