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Cluster Migraine Headaches?

Posted Jan 11 2009 4:21pm

Very Confused Knowing what kind of Migraine or headache you have can be confusing. Plenty of people turn to the internet to try to figure out what they’re dealing with.

Doctors who specialize in treating Migraines or headaches usually stick to a diagnostic and classification listing developed by the International Headache Society. When doctors and people who write about headaches and Migraines stick to that, it’s far less confusing.

Today, I came across an article titled “ Dealing With a Cluster Migraine Headache.” The first problem with this article is that there’s no such thing as a “cluster Migraine headache” if you stick to the IHS guidelines.  Beyond that, since the author uses that term as well as “cluster headache,” it’s impossible to tell what he or she is really talking about. The article also says it’s a “very common condition.” If it’s supposed to be about cluster headaches, that’s flat wrong. Cluster headaches are not common. If talking about a type of Migraine, there’s no way to know if that statement is correct since we can’t tell what the article is really about.

One of the more disturbing things about this article is that it appears on a site called “Headaches.” If someone is writing a whole site about “headaches,” I’d expect them to know what they’re talking about. This article proves that this writer does not.

Maybe they write this  nonsense just to have a place for lots of Google ads to click on so they can make money?

Whatever their reason for writing, I’d advise you to either avoid this site or at least never believe what it says unless you get it confirmed by a reliable source.


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