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Close Call, Part 3

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:16pm
You know how they say things happen in 3's......

First off, Superboy is *fine*. :::Taking a deep breath:::

SB had just gone to bed, and I remembered I needed to sew his Judo patches on his Gi for tomorrow's class. I wanted to pin them in the right place (he's such a little guy LOL), but when I went into his room, he was already asleep. His asthma has been flaring up the past week, but nebulizer treatments have been keeping it in check (he didn't miss any school). So I pinned them, but thought that I really wanted to make sure they were right, so with some major mommy guilt, I went in to wake him up.

He woke up, upset (no big surprise there) but he was really scratching his legs. That was normal a few years ago, but his eczema has been non-existent. I encouraged him gently but firmly to stop, and get out of bed (feeling REALLY guilty). He started crying, began coughing, and that was when I noticed the rash and hives covering his entire body. Then he threw up.

I called to GM, and we gave him some benadryl immediately. I called his allergist who recommended we take him into urgent care or the ER. A quick peek at his throat, and it looked swollen, so we headed off to the ER. I would have called 911 in a heartbeat if he was having trouble breathing, but he was calm--though now he looked like he had a sunburn and was shivering. He threw up again before we left (that's a sign of anaphylaxis, FYI). I kept praying I wouldn't have to use the Epipens.

They got us back right away (thank God for Pediatric ERs), and his oxygen level and vital signs were very good. Whew. But now his whole body was bright red. They were out of beds, so we waited in the hallway, but the staff fussed over him, and he was in good spirits. Finally, the doc came, and agreed this was an allergic reaction--I knew all about hives and vomiting, but the sunburn and shivering was new (at least we know now). The nurses praised us for thinking to give him the benadryl right away.

The doc gave him more atarax (he already takes that at night) and some liquid prednisone, and they waited to make sure he kept it down. Which he did. So he's on atarax around the clock and prednisone for the next few days. We're keeping him home, partly because we didn't get home until about midnight, but I'll feel better keeping an eye on him.

Our big question was what triggered the reaction--everything he ate today was something he's eaten many times before. The doctor told us it could be an idiopathic reaction since he's so allergic--meaning there's not really a trigger like a food. That both relieves me and scares me. I don't necessarily have to worry it was the sweet-tarts he had.....but knowing this could happen at any time......

I cried silently all the way home. Don't get me wrong. I'm relieved he's ok, and was so much better off than the other kids we saw there (one child was on her way to xray, in a neck brace, on a stretcher, poor baby). But I'm angry that he has these allergies. And what if I hadn't woken him up? I know he probably would have thrown up in bed, but still.

I'll take all the hugs/prayers/good thoughts you've got. He was such a trooper--he did get scared when he realized what was going on (mainly he didn't want a shot). But he was SO good. Needless to say, I'm spoiling him a bit tomorrow. Sounds like a Slurpee and Star Wars marathon is in order.

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