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Christian Louboutin shoes

Posted May 17 2013 7:13am
Christian Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booty 150mm Suede BlackChristian Louboutin shoes This novel is a work of art about three devoted Musketeers who served to protect King Louis XIII and the Country of France and the government from being overthrown by an evil plot by the scheming Cardinal Richelieu.Richelieu, a permanent high positioned official had The Musketeers disbanded to weaken the King’s protective force. Ultimately, The Cardinal’s scheme ultimately was to establish an alliance with Britain.Included in this devious plan by The Cardinal was the murder of King Louis XIII. Upon the King’s death Cardinal Richelieu would ascend to the throne and become King of France in the alliance agreement with Britain. This is a swashbuckling story about three of the best of the disbanded Musketeers who are joined by a fourth want to be Musketeer swordsman whose father had previously served in the King’s service as a Musketeer.I will not go into a lot more detail of this classic, but If you read it to the end you can expect a win win experience and most likely will feel like the home team has knocked one out of the park in the bottom of the ninth to win the game.As the plot unraveled in the novel, Christian Louboutin Sandals some being factually based history and other being legend, according to my understanding made for me some very enjoyable reading.This book was a double whammy for me in that I along with enjoying and being intrigued by the authors plot I was able to intertwine my love of sports and see the spirit of athleticism being unveiled to me at the same time.Take for instance the motto of The King’s Musketeers being “ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE” is the same that should be for our athletes of old and today’s modern athlete.A baseball player “worth his salt” knows that his individual talents are not nearly enough to win the coveted pennant, even though at times he may win the game.The truly great player plays for his teammates, coaches and fans and draws his strength from their support. So it’s this intangible force that makes a player great and is able to produce and bring about greatness in his teams efforts and then rightfully receive the spoils of victory for his valiant and unselfish playing ethics.So as Dumas penned it and the great athletes play it out it’s “ONE FOR ALL and ALL FOR ONE.” Another area in the book that I could relate to baseball and other sports was in the character of D’Artagnan the son of a deceased Musketeer and who had a burning desire to become a Musketeer himself.Rather than practice with ball, glove and bat he used the sword. As with the ball player he had to develop his skills with the sword if he was ever to reach his dream of being one of the King’s Musketeers and serve his beloved country of France as his father had done before.Well as the plot unfolds he along with the Three Musketeers saved the King’s life and prevented the evil Cardinal Richelieu from overthrowing the French government. For his bravery, allegiance to King and Country, accompanied with his excellent skills with the sword he was awarded his hearts desire.In reading the novel I recognized the common thread that binds the Musketeer’s strategies to achieve and attain the heroic results were not individual, Christian Louboutin Rolando but a combined team effort. The game of baseball as it is in other sports, and as found in Dumas’ work, for the outcome of the player’s efforts to achieve their dreams there must be practice for perfection, skill, courage, perseverance, patience and of most importance is the willingness to be a team player.Alexandre Dumas said it best. I reference him here for all you athletes, workers whether in public or private service and family members to contemplate and put the thought into action if you have not done so already.CATCH THE SPIRIT.It’s the call for living a more abundant and fulfilling life.As Jesus said ”Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”. I can associate the Musketeer Motto by Dumas as having been derived from Christian Principles in the lives of Jesus and his disciples. Uh Oh, there I go again using that analogy theory in my reading style.
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