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Cefaly offers you drug-free relief from migraines and headaches

Posted Dec 16 2009 1:19am

Cefaly is an innovative medical device that has been especially designed to provide drug-free relief for migraine and headache patients. Cefaly makes use of the advanced electrotherapy mechanism to send pleasant stimulations to calm anxiety, soothe stress and inhibit pain. The sophisticated device is worn like a headband and is attached to an electrode placed on the forehead. A 20 minutes session of Cefaly, few times a week can greatly help people suffering from chronic migraine and frequent cluster/tension headaches. The device will help to reduce both the frequency and intensity of migraines and headache pains. Most importantly, it reduces your dependence on analgesic medicines. Studies show that excessive use of analgesics can have a negative effect in the long run.

How does Cefaly work?

Developed after years of research, Cefaly makes use of gentle electric impulses that act on the nerve cells. It is highly effective in relieving you of pain as it is the nerves that are affected by the pain. More specifically, Cefaly targets the trigeminal nerve, which is the main nerve in the head that is involved in headache. The specific impulses targeting the trigeminal nerve are emitted by the electrode. Cefaly acts on the trigeminal nerve and the nervous system via 2 principal mechanisms:
  1. Endorphin-producing mechanism - Gentle impulses, emitted from Cefaly, stimulate the endorphin-producing nerve fibres of the trigeminal nerve and thereby help to increase the production of endorphins. The endorphins are the neuro-hormones which enhance your feeling of wellbeing. A higher level of endorphins in your body means that the trigger threshold for a headache or migraine is altered. You therefore experience fewer headaches or migraine attacks.
  1. TENS mechanism - Cefaly also stimulates the touch sensitive fibres of the trigeminal nerve at high frequency. Its impulses therefore partially block the entry of pain to the nervous system. The TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) therapy which has been known in medical circles for more than 4 decades is well recognized for its efficacy, safety and its ability to inhibit pain signals from reaching the brain.

Side effects of Cefaly

Cefaly is an absolutely safe medical device. It is well proven to be completely harmless in repeated clinical testing. In fact, none of the clinical tests carried out on Cefaly has shown any evidence of side effects. The device makes use of natural physiological mechanisms. In addition, all the substances and materials used in Cefaly are biocompatible and have been subjected to skin testing. No side effects were reported in these tests. You can use Cefaly with complete peace of mind if you are above 8 years of age. You can even use Cefaly while you are pregnant. However, you must avoid wearing Cefaly while driving.

What is included in the Cefaly box?

Cefaly comes complete with everything you would need to carry out the therapy. The Cefaly box is supplied with:
  • Cefaly device
  • Cefaly electrode
  • Storage case
  • 2 x 1.5 V AAA alkaline batteries
  • Skin-cleansing wipes
  • Detailed instruction manual
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