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Posted Oct 07 2008 7:15pm
Cluster Headaches: Severe attacks in head pain, unilaterally, lasting 15-180 minutes. Cluster headaches can occur more then once a day. See Cluster Headaches: The Basics Also, for more information, visit Cluster Busters. Also, if you go to Cluster Busters, please check out the video linked on the front really puts into perspective how painful these attacks are.

Caffeine: Ah, caffeine. This one can go either way for a Migraineur. It can help or make a Migraine worse. For me, I find that I end up with a Migraine if I don't drink it! Note: Caffeine Guy don't even think about commenting here!

Coke Classic: The end all, be all of what I need when I feel like a truck hit me. I am not a soda drinker, but this is my all time fav!!!! It not only helps my belly feel better, but my head too!

Chronic Daily Headache: or CDH - is a headache more then 15 days in a month. See Chronic Daily Headache: The Basics
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