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Book Review: High Heels to Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Spine Care

Posted Aug 24 2008 2:51pm
Last month, I was approached by Kathlene Carney to review a new book written by Christina Lasich, M.D. Entitled "High Heels to Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Spine Care", the book deals with causes of spinal pain and ways to avoid and treat it. Dr. Lasich is no stranger to chronic pain, having dealt with it herself, and treating patients with spinal problems for 10 years.

The book is a perfect, short read for those dealing with problems in the neck, mid- and lower back. As females, we are more prone to these injuries, due to structure, fashion, and hormones.

I can envision this book in a waiting room for such a doctor, with the short chapters, and cute illustrations drawn by the author. It's easy to find the section you're having problems with and get concise, accurate information without being bogged down by med-speak.

I personally have problems with my neck and back, so I'm glad to have this in my self-care library. I believe that educating yourself is the best way to be your own best advocate (and a great way to know if you're getting the care you deserve without being dismissed). It even convinced me to buy a Tempur-pedic mattress (which will come after my surgery--I can't wait).

There are simple exercises to relieve and prevent pain. I'm planning on having my daughter--now a teen and a slave to fashion--read this to avoid future problems. The humor keeps it moving along and enjoyable.

Thanks Dr. Lasich, and thanks Kathleen!

Below is a portion of the press material:


High Heels to Hormones: A Woman’s Guide to Spine Care

Light, Humorous Pain Relief

SACRAMENTO, CA . . . Bra straps, high heels, hormonal swings––oh my aching back! Women are three times more likely than men to suffer from some types of back pain, they’re more susceptible to a whiplash injury, and are prone to low back pain. As a woman suffering from chronic low back pain herself, Christina Lasich, M.D., knows all too well how gender influences pain. Frustrated by the lack of gender-specific information available for women, Dr. Lasich was inspired to write High Heels to Hormones: A Woman’s Guide to Spine Care (iUniverse, May 2008), a book they can turn to for advice about their spine.

Contents include information about bras, pregnancy, hormones, high-heeled shoes, shapely bodies, osteoporosis and other topics specific to women’s health. She also discusses the impact of convenience foods, smoking, exercise, high-achieving, multitasking lifestyles, and more.

Highly informative, High Heels to Hormones is also a quick and easy read. It’s laced with humor, charming cartoon illustrations, and a lighthearted tone, giving the reader a sense of optimism and hope.

In Dr. Lasich’s discussion about posture she writes: “Did I threaten your sense of decency by telling you to stick your chest out with the shoulders back? Don’t be shy, because shyness creates an unhealthy, slouched posture.”

Dr. Lasich has practiced in the area of spine rehabilitation for over 10 years and is an award-winning graduate from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. “Spine care needs to be gender specific,” she advises. “Being one of those women with chronic low back pain, I have struggled and sacrificed to bring my discomfort under control.

“The concepts that I present in High Heels to Hormones are derived not only from evidence-based medicine, but also from my experiences as a woman with spine pain and as a physician who treats it. Never underestimate what the power of being a woman does to your spine.”

Throughout High Heels to Hormones women will appreciate the fun manner in which Dr. Lasich presents the information. Cartoon book meets self-help book, Dr. Lasich gives women an opportunity for a healthier spine with a humorous twist.


Christina Lasich, M.D., is a concerned physician with spine pain herself. She has practiced in the area of spine rehabilitation for more than 10 years and is an award-winning graduate from the University of California, Davis School of Medicine. Although she focuses on back, neck and other musculoskeletal injuries, she also meets the rehabilitative needs of people with spinal cord injuries, strokes, traumatic brain injuries, muscular dystrophies, ALS, multiple sclerosis, amputations and other painful conditions.

Prior to entering medical school, she worked as a firefighter for the California Department of Forestry. She loved the job and she found her husband. Loyal to her original dream of becoming a doctor, she hung her firefighting helmet in the closet forever in 1993. (Thankfully, she still has a great husband.)

Dr. Lasich currently has a private practice in Grass Valley, near Sacramento, CA. Her philosophy is simple: “Pain is your doorway to transformation.” For more information, please visit and .

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