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Bella, Bella, Bella, Good Grief!

Posted Aug 16 2009 10:32pm

Bella-logo On July 12, I wrote Disappointing: Bella Online Headaches / Migraines.

Well, I have to say that I don’t find Bella’s Migraine site disappointing today. Today, I find it downright frightening.

Today, I came across Robinson’s article Topamax For Migraines. I think we’ve all been taught that prepositions such as “for” don’t need to be capitalized in titles since at least junior high school, but it’s not her lack of writing skills that frightens me. What frightens me is that she really doesn’t seem to know much about her topics. Allow me to quote from this Topamax article:

Today, Topamax is growing in popularity as a migraine treatment not only because the product works but because the side effects are less serious.

What? The side effects of Topamax are less serious than what, Ms. Robinson? She doesn’t mention that some of the “visual problems” include glaucoma that can result in permanent loss of vision. She doesn’t include some other potential side effects that have earned serious FDA warnings:

  • oligohidrosis (decreased sweating) and hyperthermia
  • birth defects if taken by pregnant women

I don’t know Heather Robinson, and bear her no ill will. However, I find it disturbing that she writes for an online network and publishes pieces that are incomplete at best; incomplete to the extent of being inaccurate.

Please, if you’re one of her readers, verify any information you find in her writings before accepting it as correct. Be safe. Be healthy.

Arabella ♥

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