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Avoiding Migraine Triggers to Enjoy the Holidays

Posted Dec 08 2010 12:00am

PineBow100 No matter which winter holidays we may celebrate, Migraine can really mess with us. It's as if everything goes haywire just when we need things to go well.

If you're like me, during the holidays, there are more situations filled with possilbe Migraine triggers than during most other times of the year. Over the years, I've learned some ways to manage some of my triggers, and that has let me do more to make the holidays special and limit my Migraine triggers at the same time. I'm going to share them with you in hopes of giving you ideas that will help you enjoy the holidays despite those annoying triggers.

  1. Remember that Migraine triggers are stackable or cumulative. Encountering one trigger may not bring on a Migraine, but encountering two or more might. So, be careful to limit how many triggers you encounter.
  2. Dehydration is a Migraine trigger for me, and I tend to consume more alcohol during the holidays. Alcohol is not only a trigger form some of us, but is dehydrating too. If I'm drinking alcoholic beverages, I make sure I drink a full glass of water arter each alcoholic beverage.
  3. Getting overheated is also a Migraine trigger for me. When attending holiday events, I layer my clothing so I can remove layers if I start getting too warm.
  4. Another way that holidays can increase Migraine triggers for me is the havoc holidays can play with our schedules. Messed up sleep and meal schedules can both be problematic for me. Our family members have learned not to count on me too early in the morning becuase getting up too early can trigger a Migraine. They usually just plan breakfast without me since they rise earlier than I do. I keep some Special K bars in my bag so that I have a farily nutritional and readily available snack in case meals are delayed.
  5. I saved the biggest for last -- Accepting that things don't always have to be perfect. Holidays have become too commercial and sometimes, too competitive. It seems to me that the true joy of family, friends, and coming together in celbration is getting drowned out. The wonder of the season can become tarnished all too easily in our increasingly materialistic society. If all the gifts aren't wrapped perfectly... if everyone fills plates from the kitchen instead of stressing over a perfect holiday table... none of these things should really matter. If we do what we can, when we can, we're likely to reduce our triggers and be better able to enjoy the holidays.

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